Engineering Benefits

Simply put, the commissioning process is all about reducing risk.  The owner hires a commissioning agent as a form of insurance to reduce the risk of receiving a facility that does not meet his requirements or his needs.  The following factors are key in reducing risk:
  1. Quality of the Commissioning Agent
  2. Depth of Scope
When focusing on the quality of the commissioning agent there are four factors to consider:
  • Education
    • College/ University
    • Engineering Degree
    • Certifications
  • Experience
    • Years of Relevant Experience
    • Type of Experience
    • Mentor's Expertise/ Experience
  • Expertise
    • Area(s) of Expertise
    • Technical Expertise
  • Regulation
    • Minimum Performance Requirements
    • Code of Ethics
    • Recourse/ Protection for the Owner
    • Incentive to Limit Scope to Area of Expertise
Posted by David G. Venters, PE, CPMP
Performance Engineering Group, Inc.