College Degree (Technical)

Defining education for a commissioning agent includes at a minimum the following:
  • College Technical Degree (Engineering, Architecture)
    • Degree to be in Cx Authority's Area of Expertise
    • Minimum of a Bachelors degree
  • Continued Education
    • As required by licensure


Commissioning certifications, such as ASHRAE's CPMP, demonstrate continuing relevant education in the process.  However, these certifications do NOT provide the technical training necessary for the execution of the individual commissioning tasks.  For example, with a commissioning certification, you will know that design review is required.  Armed with only a certification and limited to no technical education, you are NOT qualified to personally execute the design review.
  • BCxA QCxP or CCP
Posted by David G. Venters, PE, CPMP
Performance Engineering Group, Inc.