§ 14-101. Definitions [Amendment subject to abrogation]

(f) Practice engineering. --

   (1) "Practice engineering" means to provide any service or creative work the performance of which requires education, training, and experience in the application of:

      (i) special knowledge of the mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences; and

      (ii) the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design.

   (2) In regard to a building or other structure, machine, equipment, process, works, system, project, or public or private utility, "practice engineering" includes:

      (i) consultation;

      (ii) design;

      (iii) evaluation;

      (iv) inspection of construction to ensure compliance with specifications and drawings;

      (v) investigation;

      (vi) planning; and

      (vii) design coordination.

   (3) "Practice engineering" does not include the exclusive and sole performance of nontechnical management activities.

(g) Professional engineer. -- "Professional engineer" means, unless the context requires otherwise, an engineer who is licensed by the Board to practice engineering.