P.L. 913, No. 367 Cl. 63

Section 2. Definitions.
--As used in this act--
(a) (1) “Practice of Engineering" shall mean the application of the mathematical and physical sciences for the design of public or private buildings, structures, machines, equipment, processes, works or engineering systems, and the consultation, investigation, evaluation, engineering surveys, construction management, planning and inspection in connection therewith, the performance of the foregoing acts and services being prohibited to persons who are not licensed under this act as professional engineers unless exempt under other provisions of this act.
    (2) The term "Practice of Engineering" shall also mean and include related acts and services that may be performed by other qualified persons, including but not limited to, municipal planning, incidental landscape architecture, teaching, construction, maintenance and research but licensure under this act to engage in or  perform any such related acts and services shall not be required.
    (3) The foregoing shall not be deemed to include the practice of architecture as such, for which separate registration is required under the provisions of the act of July 12, 1919 (P.L.933, No.369), entitled "An act to regulate the practice of architecture in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by providing for the examination and registration of architects by a State Board of Examiners; defining the power and duties of said board of examiners; and providing penalties for the violation of this act," excepting only architectural work incidental to the "practice of engineering."
    (4) The "Practice of Engineering" shall not preclude the practice of the sciences which shall include but not be limited to: soil science, geology, physics and chemistry.
((a) amended Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.782, No.192)

(e) "Professional Engineer" means an individual licensed and registered under the laws of this Commonwealth to engage in the practice of engineering. A professional engineer may not practice land surveying unless licensed and registered as a professional land surveyor as defined and set forth in this act; however, a professional engineer may perform engineering land surveys.
((e) amended Dec. 13, 1979, P.L.534, No.120)