Florida 2011

Florida Board of Professional Engineers - Meeting Minutes

"#6. Email and Letter from Mr. David Venters, P.E., - Re: Commissioning
Mr. Burke gave a brief recap of the issue. This Board held a hearing on commissioning which Mr. Venters attended. He subsequently wrote a position paper on the subject of commissioning and he listed several states that consider commission to be engineering and should be performed solely by a licensed professional engineer.

Mr. Townsend, another party in attendance for the hearing notified the Board of the position paper. He was concerned with the paper and its possible misunderstanding of the Florida Board’s position on commissioning. The board reviewed the position paper and directed staff to notify Mr. Venters of this Board’s concern. He immediately contacted the Board office to defend his position paper and he submitted a new statement and he is asking the Board to review and endorse.

The Board reaffirmed their previous position and did not see a need to adopt the statement. This Board will monitor the efforts by NCEES and if a need arises in the future this Board can address the matter. In the meantime the Board maintains certain parts of commissioning to be engineering and should be performed by a Professional Engineer. The Board’s believes the definition of engineering in Chapter 471, F.S. is sufficient to address possible unlicensed activity.
Mr. Burke stated that anyone that has a questions should go back 471.0035 (7) and read definition of engineering where commissioning tasks are applicable to engineering are considered engineering"
Posted by David G. Venters, PE, CPMP
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David Venters, PE,
Apr 9, 2012, 1:22 PM