Nevada Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

July, 2011
Meeting Minutes "Chairman Holloway said that the process to LEED certify a building involves a series of matrixes. He referred to a spreadsheet that indicated those categories the task force believes requires a professional engineer in a certain discipline of engineering. He said the task force wishes for this to be enforced because there are many LEED AP non-engineers that are not qualified to fully commission a building. Chairman Holloway said the task force recommended notifying the public entities about this issue so that LEED AP non-engineers are not allowed to do the commissioning.

Ms. Mamola suggested the Board send a letter to the Nevada entities advising them about the issue and that the Board agrees with the task force’s recommendation. Chairman Holloway volunteered to prepare the letter with Mr. Robb’s and Ms. Johnson’s input. He suggested including an article in the Board’s newsletter and posting it on the website. He said the issue could also be brought up to the Professional Association Liaison (PAL) Council.

11-114 Motion was made by Ms. Mamola, seconded by Ms. Milburn, for Chairman Holloway to draft a letter to the public entities, prepare a newsletter article, and put the issue on a meeting agenda of the PAL Council. The motion passed unanimously. "


March 10, 2011
Meeting Minutes "
Chairman Holloway, Ms. Mamola, and Ms. Johnson attended the Board Presidents’ Assembly in February in San Diego.  Chairman Holloway said that a presentation on building commissioning was given and how certain aspects constitute the practice of engineering.  He said that many people with LEED AP certification have been doing building commissioning without being a licensed engineer.

Chairman Holloway said the state boards were encouraged to pursue these unlicensed people because they are certifying designs. He said that if the Board agreed it could send a letter to the entities advising that building commissioning is the practice of engineering and reports should be stamped appropriately by licensed engineers.

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